Bligh Primary School – Administration Block Addition – Strood

EX View 2_2000x707
EX View 1_2000x707
EX View 3_2000x707
View 5_1000x707
View 8_1000x707
View 10_1000x707
View 5_1000x707
View 7_1000x707
Bligh under construction_1000x707
Bligh under construction3_1000x707
After 2_707x1000
After 3_707x1000
View 3_1000x707
View 9_1000x707
View 1_1000x707
View 6_1000x707
View 4_1000x707
Bligh under construction2_1000x707
Bligh under construction4_1000x707
After 4_707x1000
After 1_707x1000 1

In this project ProArc was involved as Consultant Architect.  Design and images copyright to CC Studio Architects.

Gillingham, Kent